Angel of Comfort – a Digital Worship Painting

Angel of Comfort

I sat down and as I prepared my tools, I heard the cries of a woman nearby. I don’t know who she was, or what was wrong, others were already with her. But, as I began the painting, I could feel the comfort and love the Father has for His much beloved daughter. I prayed as I painted that this hurting one would know the love and comfort of the Father…and this figure appeared as I worked.

It could be an angel, they don’t always have wings when they appear in my paintings, or it could represent this one who was crying. Maybe it’s both-and.

I felt the spark of hope and comfort landing on her as she cried. I could see her begin to dance through her pain or grief or whatever it was. I could see the angels come and minister to her and dance with her. Comfort came. Peace came. A greater awareness of the Father’s love came.