Personal Painting with a Personal Song

My friend Del at and I are working together to offer you the unique opportunity to have both a personal instrumental prophetic song and an art piece created while listening to that song and to Creator. To our knowledge, this is the only partnership of its kind.

I recently completed this piece as a part of this partnership. It was so fun! Del completed the song first, and then I listened to that sone while completing the painting.

The words that go with these pieces are personal to the recipient, but I believe that this one speaks to us all of the joy and delight that we can have when we begin to release our gifts and walk into the fullness of our identities.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to place an order with each of us¬†separately. Place your order for the song on Del’s site, and mention that you are wanting an art piece as well. Place your order here, on my site, for the size of piece that you would like, and tell me in the comment box that you are wanting the piece with the song from Del. That way, I will know to wait for the mp3 before beginning your piece. Once I receive the mp3 (see her site, or contact her for her current turn-around time), I will listen to the song while I work on your piece. I will still make note of what Creator speaks to me, and you will receive a prophetic reading with your piece as usual, and then send the painting on to you.