A look back at some beloved pieces

I mentioned last time, that I was in the process of updating my website.  I’m also adding prints of my work.  I’ve ordered some, and I hope that the quality when they arrive is as high as hoped.  In opening up my offerings to prints, I have the opportunity to go back and choose pieces that have long since found new homes. I thought I would take a bit of a break from the house, and take a stroll down memory lane with you…..

Encourager at the Gate (email)

I call this one Encourager at the Gate.  The original had hand-stitched beading.  The photo was from a pamphlet picked up at a church somewhere in Italy.  The stamp on the black under her, I created while on that same trip from the foliage around the former monastery where the art class was held.  She was one of the first pieces that I sold when I joined the Artist Gallery.

Lady of Light upload copy

This one, I called “Lady of Lights”….I took this photo of the statue in Italy.  It’s a piece that always seems to bring me joy.  I enjoyed creating it…..and it reminds me of one of the wonderful people I met on my first trip to Italy.

Cabin upload copy

This piece is ever-so-cleverly named, Cabin in the Woods.  I sold it to a woman at an art show in Denver.  She was from Vermont, I think, and bought it for her husband as a joke, in a way.  Evidently, they had just finished building a cabin in the woods…..this painting depicted her husband’s picture of what it would look like, but from what she said, I gathered that her vision was a great deal more expansive and elegant.  I’ll give you three guesses as to whose vision won that contest!  She said that now he could have his little cabin!

Skipton Chapel Window upload copy

This is Skipton Chapel Window.  As you can tell, I tend to go for fairly straightforward names for pieces, as this was from a photograph that I took at the castle chapel in Skipton, England.  The chapel was stone, and I had fun experimenting with various ways of doing texture for the walls.

Inverted Glory upload

This is actually, of those in this post, the only piece I still have in my possession.  I call it Inverted Glory.  It was originally another piece that had Glory in the title, but I decided to rework it, and it turned out to be upside down from the original.