The Process, Part 2

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was able to get into the studio last week.  I have a few more layers on the demo piece, so I thought I would show you the progress so far.  This is where we left off last time.  (If you are new, and want to see this piece from the beginning, you can find it right here.)

Demo Layer 9 upload

I enjoy adding asemic writings to my work, in addition to text in foreign languages.  Asemic, if you’re not familiar with the term, means that it has no specific semantic content or meaning.  You can see some light pencil markings across the strip of newspaper in the photo below if you look closely.


Now for more paint.  I’m starting to block off and enhance the cruciform composition created by the collage materials.

And, another layer of paint to soften the effect of the layer before.


And, more stamping!  I tried something new.  You’re shocked and amazed, I’m sure.  I have several large stamps that are quite detailed.  With paint on a brush or palette, I find that it is difficult to get enough paint on the stamp so that it makes an image while not too much so that the details are all lost.  This time, I thought that I would try using a brayer to smooth some paint onto a board, and then use that as a stamp “pad”.  The board worked well….the brayer, not so much.  It may be my brayer, but it just wanted to slide around on the paint, so I quickly gave that up.


And here is where it is now.  I did more stamping than I usually do because I was having too much fun!  You can see the fine detail of the stamps in the right-hand sections as it sits here.

I have also made some progress on the pylons or whatever I’m going to call them.  I think they may be ready for embellishment, but I’ll have to see what happens next.  When last you saw them, they looked like this:


And now:


I felt that I wanted them really dark, so that the embellishments would really pop…but all of that is subject to change at any moment.

Two other pieces that I’ll share with you are these:

These two are on watercolor paper.  The West Texas Watercolor Society has a show coming up, and I just heard about it.  I may enter, if I can get something finished and framed in time.  If not, I’ll shoot for the spring show.  Their guidelines are that the piece has to be on paper, matted and framed, and no “found” papers may be used.  I dug these two pieces out of a stack of pieces that I’ve played around with periodically, and hadn’t collaged on.  I don’t do as much on paper as I used to.  I enjoy the cradled panels more, but if you want your work juried into a show, you either follow their guidelines or your work won’t be accepted.  I only have a few weeks, so we’ll see.  Sometimes pieces will come together quickly, and other times I can’t seem to get them to do anything at all!

Part 3 here.

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