Peace in the Storm - Alice Arlene
peace in the storm virtual art show abstract artwork

A Virtual Art Show

Bring peace to your home and loved ones through the artwork of Alice Arlene Briggs and the music of Paul Noble and Linette Penney-Gainham & Cadence. 

Saturday & Sunday

May 9 & 10, 2020

Now extended to May 17, 2020!




Welcome to “Peace in the Storm: An Art Experience”. I’m excited for this opportunity to share my work and that of my friends who are fabulous musicians with you in this time of unrest and uncertainty. My hope and prayer is that you leave the event feeling much more at peace and hopeful for the future.

To my knowledge, nothing like this has been done, so you may be wondering what on earth is happening!

I’ve been creating works daily since February. As I was surpassing 75 pieces, I wanted a better way of sharing them, and the peace they’re bringing, with you. 

Traditionally, when an artist has a body of work to share, they have a show at a gallery or similar venue. That’s clearly not possible right now, so online seemed a viable alternative. As I was thinking about past gallery events, I remembered we would also have live music, food and drink. I can’t really do anything about food and drink virtually, but I thought I could do something with music. Handily, I know some fabulous musicians, and a couple agreed to my crazy proposal!

What you’ll experience over these 2 days is a video presentation of 80 pieces of my artwork accompanied by the fabulous music of Paul Noble and Linnette Penney-Gainham & Cadence. I hope you'll feel as though you are walking along in a gallery observing each piece as you go. To complete the experience, I recommend gathering your favorite munchies and beverage. Maybe dress up, light some candles and make a glamorous evening of it!

It will begin Saturday, May 9, 2020. Yes, it's happening soon, but do we want to wait any longer than we have to for peace? I didn’t think so! ;-)

UPDATE: I just love technical issues, don't you?!!! No, no we don't... Ha! 

The webinar set-up for some reason would not do a replay, as expected. Quite possibly this was user error on my part, as the platform was new to me. However it is, it's not working. I also heard from several that they were unable to register for some unknown reason. I'm going to extend the show for a week, until Sunday May 17, to give everyone a chance to see it who would like to. 

If you registered, I'll email you with a link to the video to play as you like. If you would like to see the show, sign up below and you'll receive the link in your welcome email. (Note: the video is taking a while to upload, so the link you receive may not be live yet. I'll send you an email to let you know when it's ready if you register before that!)

You'll also receive:

An entry to win a door prize including :

2 Hardback books

Embracing the Colors of Peace and Co-Creation: Partnering with God

By Alice Arlene Briggs

And 4 Albums:

The Road Less Travelled By and God Sized Dream EP

by Linette Penney-Gainham and Cadence


Revived and Refreshed

by Paul Noble, Composer


Free paper back copy of Embracing the Colors of Peace for the first 40 people who purchase.


Free shipping for all purchases over $50 until Monday, May 18, 2020.

Copyright 2020, Alice Arlene, Ltd. Co.

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