Accept the Gift – The Gathering – Tacoma, WA 2017




A bold pop of color for any decor with lots of texture. The center square is comprised of pages out of books and discarded Bibles in several different languages.

Accept the Gift – Original 36×36 acrylic on board.

I had a great time with this one. Over a few days, I layered on warm colors. I don’t usually keep to just warm colors, but I felt that this one was expressing the Glory. I kept seeing a square within the square, and so collaged that area. I felt like I needed to keep it very simple and even boring, as that was what the Lord was wanting to say. So often, I think, we miss Him and His gifts to us, because they don’t look all that spectacular at first. It’s only later that they reveal the glory they hold.

Accept the Gift ~

The glory attracts – that which you see on others and hear about. Watch for the gifts, doors, and gateways. They may not look glorious, but through them…through the sacrifice of obedience and acceptance, you access the glory within.


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