Co-Creation Pre-Order Special




Explore a World of Colorful Peace

Come with me and we’ll journey together discovering the basic interconnection between spirituality and artistic expression. You will be as surprised and delighted as I was when I encountered Creator through the intuitive process of creating art. In my new book, I walk with you through my experiences as an artist who deepens her relationship with God through the artistic process. Encounter your own journey through more than 50 images of my work. How will you connect with Creator through your own adventures?

For a limited time, you can get your copies of my artistic adventures autographed. Available only through this pre-order special, you will encounter more than 100 images of my work for only $29.95.

Once I publish Co-Creation, the offer will end, and I’ll autograph and ship your copies of these two books. Order now and get ready to experience the Colors of Peace.

Both books will be autographed and shipped together when I receive the copies of Co-Creation. Should be the end of June at the latest. I’m happy to ship worldwide, but do contact me for a shipping quote.




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