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Artful Prayers for 50 states

Our mission is based on the book Artful Prayers for 50 States: Artwork and Intercession for the USA—a poignant collection that artfully combines spirituality and creativity to uplift the United States during these times of uncertainty.

Amidst the tumultuous currents of the world, the power of prayer is an unwavering anchor, offering stability, solace, and strength amidst the storms. I embarked on a deeply personal journey of crafting prayers in artistic form—not only to remain at peace within myself but also to wage a spiritual battle, inviting God’s truth and light to permeate every corner of the United States.

Drawing from Zechariah 1:20-21, these prayers serve as a testament to the important role of artisans in unsettling oppressive forces. Just as the craftsmen were sent to confront and dismantle the horns of opposition against Judah, our collective prayers become the tools of transformation in confronting challenges that hinder progress and unity in the land.

In Artful Prayers for 50 States, I invite you to join this artistic and spiritual movement. As co-creators of a profound endeavor, we employ the creative weapons at our disposal—the pen, pencil, paint, and more—to saturate the very atmosphere of the USA with prayers of redemption and salvation. Even if you live beyond the borders of the United States, your heartfelt prayers resonate and harmonize with this mission.

This project isn’t merely about artistic expression—it’s about channeling creativity into purposeful action. Each prayer-infused artwork and prayer is a beautiful stitch that contributes to the greater tapestry of change, reminding us that our individual and collective efforts can create ripples of transformation.

You can find a sample of the paintings and prayers here.

artful prayer for michigan

Join in the MISSION: AP50 with any or all of these:

A meticulously crafted ebook that weaves together inspired prayers and evocative artwork, state by state.

A meticulously crafted full color paperback book that weaves together inspired prayers and evocative artwork, state by state.

Weekly emails that provide you with a reflection and prompts for personal prayer for one state. Delivered over 51 weeks.

Physical mailings that uplift and keep you engaged and connected to this powerful movement.

A printable journal and coloring book.

artful prayer for texas

Whether you’re seeking inner tranquility, aiming to make a positive impact, or uniting in prayer for the nation, Artful Prayers for 50 States invites you to experience the profound intersection of faith and creativity. Together, we embrace the transformative potential of our prayers and artistic expressions, fostering an atmosphere of hope, redemption, and unity for the United States and beyond.

In participating with MISSION: AP50, you can receive

  • Inner Peace Amidst Chaos: Experience a sanctuary of tranquility and calm amidst the uncertainties of the world, as the prayers and artwork offer a soothing balm for the soul.

  • Empowerment through Prayer: Gain a renewed sense of empowerment by actively taking part in the transformative process of prayer and creative expression.

  • Spiritual Connection: Forge a deeper connection with your faith through the thoughtful prayers and reflections that resonate with your heart.

  • Artistic Inspiration: Ignite your creativity as you explore the vivid artwork, allowing it to serve as a catalyst for your own creative endeavors.

  • Weekly Uplift: Look forward to weekly emails and/or physical mailings that infuse your routine with moments of inspiration, reflection, and positivity.

  • Meaningful Engagement: Engage in a purposeful endeavor that extends beyond the self, contributing to a nationwide movement of spiritual unity and transformation.

  • Hope and Renewal: Embrace a renewed sense of hope and optimism as you take part in a collective effort to invoke positive change, both personally and nationally.

Experience a holistic calling to enrich your spiritual life, creative pursuits, and connection to a greater purpose. MISSION: AP50 offers not only a tangible outlet for expression, but also a space for personal growth, unity, and transformation.

artful prayer for california

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