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The Colors of Peace

Artwork created during personal contemplation in the studio as well as corporate times of worship. Every piece has its own voice, and I invite you to embark on an adventure of discovery. Viewers often comment that a piece means something more to them than I state, and I encourage you to allow each to speak to you.

If you are ready for a grand adventure, I would love to create a piece of art just for you. I can either help you to express your love and memories or I can share God's encouragement for you in a personal prophetic art piece.

These make excellent gifts!

Expressions of Love

Show the essence of your story as a remarkable, landmark, bespoke art piece. Your words, your images and ephemera, and my brush will create a memory like no other. Not only do I listen to your words, but I listen for the heart, soul, and spirit behind them so that the truest substance of your story can be told. 

Personal Prophetic

Display the love Creator has for you. Receive his encouragement and hope. His words and images for you are my focus while I create these art pieces from the gesso up. Be reminded of his care and concern for you every time you see this painting on your wall. Allow its message from him to sink deep in your heart, mind, soul, and spirit.


Mixed media collage, beaded, painting, paintings, candles, hope, peace, art work

Give Life and Hope

Gifts of all sizes can make a big difference in the lives of others and through the purchase of my work, you join with me in helping ministries around the world. We join with them to meet the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of people at local and international levels.