Create your own perfect sanctuary with a bespoke mixed media artwork that infuses your atmosphere with peace. Throughout my 25+ years of creating these pieces, people have always commented on the peace that they feel when they view my work. As I began to intentionally create pieces that would release peace, joy, all the good things; people responded even more powerfully to the pieces.

My current inventory is available through my online shop, but I would also love to help you select pieces or create a custom piece or grouping for your home, or business, or anywhere that needs some extra peace, hope, and joy.

“I’m stunned and amazed. This is so beautiful, every inch of it…” A client in Nashville, TN

“I’m pretty much speechless at the incredible depth…! Wow, you have an amazing gift Alice!” A client in Ruidoso, NM

I’m thrilled that you’re interested in having me create a piece of work just for you! This is the typical process:

  1. You’ve seen my work online or at a friend’s home or maybe at a business – you’re interested and want to know more.
  2. You arrived on this page, and have looked around at my work and love what you see.
  3. You’re thinking of that perfect place that needs a stellar piece of work – or you haven’t been able to find just the right thing to set the mood for peace.
  4. You take photos and measurements of that special place in your house or business. It’s important to include things such as outlets, switches, vents, or other fixtures that we’ll need to work around. I’m also happy to work with your interior designer or builder to make sure the piece(s) fit your overall esthetic and design plan.
  5. Once I understand your space and budget needs, I will come up with a sketch that aligns with your needs. I also may be able to use pieces currently available in my portfolio or prints to suit.
  6. Once the design and timeframe is agreed upon, a 50% deposit is submitted and I begin work on your project.
  7. Or, you can choose the size that you would like and purchase it directly from the shop here.
  8. At this time, if you would like to have paper items that are personal to you or this space included, you would email or mail them to me. This might include copies of a marriage or business license or lyrics/music to favorite songs or photos of people and places. Not all will be visible in the final piece, but all will be used.
  9. As I work, I will document the process of the creation of your piece(s), and send images as I’m nearing completion of your piece.
  10. When the piece is completed, a photo will be sent for final approval before delivery or shipping the piece(s).
  11. For pieces or groupings 6 square feet or larger, I will compile the photos and any thoughts that I have as I create into a hardcover book documenting the creation of your work of art. The book will be shipped separately.

I take commissions based on my style – people and places will be depicted in an abstracted manner similar to the other work available on my site. If you would like more information, or want to get started, I would love to hear from you! You can email me directly: [email protected] or fill out the form below.


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