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The Colors of Peace

Spiritual fine art paintings are designed with intuitive creativity by mixed media collage artist Alice Arlene Briggs. As she works, she intends to create peaceful images for your home or business shifting the atmosphere towards peace and harmony. Take a mini-vacation as you encounter and embrace the colors of peace in your home and office. Her work invites you on an adventure of discovery. As you meet each piece, it’s depth and details surprise and delight you. Her artwork is at home in modern and contemporary spaces, traditional spaces, and everywhere in between. As a result, her peaceful landscapes, mixed media abstract paintings, and redemptive figurative artwork are enjoyed by collectors worldwide.

Called prophetic art by some, Alice’s pieces express comfort and hope to those who view and own them. She hopes that her work speaks the heart of Creator directly to you - Hope, Love, Comfort, and Peace. Through multiple layers, her pieces develop a depth and richness only achieved through time, patience, and skill. She uses high quality, artist grade acrylic paints, mediums, and varnish so that her work will become treasured heirlooms to pass down to future generations.

Commission a Spiritual Fine Art Painting

Are you ready for a grand adventure? It is easy to commission a painting online. Commissioned paintings are unique ways to say "I love you" and, in our opinion, one of the best ways to say I love you! For more information and art commission prices click here. Alice will create a gorgeous work of art just for you or your loved one. She will work with you to develop a concept, or let her run free and see what emerges from her intuitive creativity. Those who do so are never disappointed!

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mixed media abstract paintings intuitive creativity peaceful images collage artist shifting the atmosphere spiritual fine art peaceful paintings 


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