photo of alice briggs, artist

Hi! I’m Alice Arlene Briggs.

My passion is for you, the viewer of my artwork, to experience peace, hope, joy, and wholeness as you engage with my work.

Born in Michigan, raised in Carlsbad, NM in a family who loved to dabble in all kinds of crafts, I was encouraged from an early age to try new things. After degrees in biology and chemistry and occupational therapy, the artistic side of me demanded a larger voice. When I returned to Carlsbad, I began taking art classes offered at the local branch college of New Mexico State: drawing, pastel, watercolor, and oil. I first took the classes somewhat on a dare, but quickly discovered that I absolutely loved it and took as many as I could. A few years later, a friend asked me to take a weekend class with her taught by Helen Gwinn in which I discovered the wonders of acrylics and collage. I was blessed to be able to study with both Helen and Lynette Watkins three times at La Romita, and once further North in Italy where I added many new techniques to my repertoire and was greatly influenced by the instructors and fellow classmates as well as the cultural heritage and natural beauty of Italy. As I worked in the studio, I noticed that it was while I was in the midst of the creative process that I felt the pleasure of my Creator the most. My intention during the creation of each piece is to infuse the work with Peace, Rest, and Wholeness.

A fun fact about the name of my site: I was named after both of my grandmothers. Alice was my mom’s mom’s middle name, and Arlene was my dad’s mom’s middle name. Using both is my way of honoring both of those women.

Serious collectors of original artworks are welcome to schedule an appointment to view the desired works by using the contact form.