Artful Journey to Epiphany

A 40 day Adventure for the season

I was thinking of doing a series of Artful Prayer pieces for Advent, but kept hearing “Epiphany”. It celebrates the manifestation of Jesus’ diving nature to the Magi, considered the first Gentiles to experience God incarnate.

There are exactly 40 days from November 29 until the Christian feast day called Epiphany (if I counted correctly!). I created one piece for each of those 40 days, and followed a contemplative path to welcome all the blessings available to us in the days and years to come. Your journey can start at any time as it’s always a good time to be open to epiphanies!

I’m beginning with preparation. And will create 5 pieces for preparation, then 5 for each of the 6 aspects important for this season, and a final 5 pieces for transformation as we accept the changes offered to us during this journey.

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You can also find the pieces and prayers on this blog post.

Artful journey to epiphany preparation for the body prayers

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Artful Prayers for 50 States

In a world of turmoil and uncertainty, prayer is a powerful weapon to stay at peace in the midst of the storm. I began these pieces as a way to remain at peace, and to do war in the spirit for God’s truth and light to break through in every state of the USA.

Zechariah 1:20-21 says this: Then the LORD showed me four craftsmen. And I said, “What are these coming to do?” And he said, “These are the horns that have scattered Judah so that no one lifts up his head; but these craftsmen have come to frighten them, to throw down the horns of the nations who have lifted up their horns against the land of Judah in order to scatter it.” (NASB20)

I invite you to join with me as we use our creative weapons of warfare: pen, pencil, paint, etc. and saturate the atmosphere of the USA with prayers for God’s redemption and salvation. Even if you are not in the USA, but have a heart to pray for those of us who are, your prayers are equally welcome.

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Book 1

Expand your prayer life with 30 days of Artful Prayers

for the

Mind – Heart – Soul – Spirit – Body

Of these strategic groups:


Friends and Family




The World


Your friends and family

Your city

Your state or province, etc.

Your nation

The world

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Artful Affirmations Challenge

Increase your peace and positive outlook with custom crafted artful affirmation cards. A 5 lesson challenge to strengthen your mind, soul, heart, spirit, and body.

Artful Prayers Class

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