Personal Prophetic

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He who?

Creator. THE Creator. Your Creator and my Creator. The Creator of the universe and our place in it.

If you've ready my story, you may remember that I said that when I painted, that was when I felt the pleasure of Creator the most. I believe in an omnicient, omnipotent Creator - a sentient being who is incomprehensibly vast and complex yet inhabited the form of his creation for 33 years to teach us and show us how to have a relationship with him. He demonstrated his character and his desire to interact with us. That desire wasn't new, his story throughout all of recorded history shows his determination to gather his people to himself but freely and without control or manipulation.

He is always talking.

He is always at work to demonstrate his love for each and every one of us.

It is I who need to learn to listen and to hear.

And he is a gracious and loving teacher.


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A Conversation Revealed

This Creator is always attempting to have a conversation with me...and with you! There are many different ways in which he speaks, but that's a discussion for another day. I was amazed when I realized that he was speaking to me during those times in the studio. I had never heard of such a thing...and yet, couldn't find any reason why not.

Being an experimenter at heart, I began to see if I could intentionally engage with Creator in a conversation while I worked. I was delighted to find that I could! Since my process is very intuitive, I was able to relinquish control, and just play with the materials. I could enter into that place of worship and freedom and follow the lead of the Creator as I worked.

I've talked in some of my blogs about my process and how it works when I am painting on location during live worship. But what I also discovered, was that this same intuitive process of intentionally allowing Creator access to my work, became something that I could do for others as well.

I began to create artwork that represents a part of the story he wants to tell you.

Depending on your frame of reference, you might consider these a prophetic word or a reading... Either way, I create a piece with the intention to reveal Creator's heart and thoughts for you. I'm always amazed at the responses I get from recipients of these pieces. It's such a delightful honor!


How it Works

I create a unique piece just for you that reveals the heart of the Creator for you. You choose the size of the piece you desire, and then I create the piece. As I work, I take notes of anything that I hear, and once the piece is completed, I write up what I believe that Creator is saying to you, print it, and send it along with the piece. People also enjoy giving these as gifts! You can order yours here.


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