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In a world that often feels fragmented and chaotic, find your sanctuary of peace and power. Introducing Artful Adventures – a unique blend of original artwork and ecumenical prayers delivered directly to you, fostering a powerful, peaceful transformation in your life and beyond.

artful adventure prayer for israel

It began as a personal adventure

What does an artist do when confronted with swirling chaos? Well, this one paints! I started creating this pieces as a way to focus my own prayers. I know that prayer is powerful, and is the most important thing we can do in any situation. I grew up in church and have watched prayer change many situations in my life and the world around me. My artwork has been a conversation with God for many years, but with these pieces, I invited others into that conversation in a more direct way by posting the prayers as well as the artwork.

The response was beyond anything I expected. Here are some of the comments of those who experienced these pieces and prayers on my social media:

This prayer is so right on & right on time. Thank you!!!
A much needed & appreciated prayer focus. I love how the painting illustrates the prayer. Your are a gifted, gift to the Kingdom Alice!
Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us! It was a lovely way to start my day.
Amen! This speaks directly into a situation that we are walking through. Praying for wisdom on what strategy and course of action is needed. Beautiful, thank you!
This is so right-on-time I can’t even tell you. I need this prayer!

I was asked if I was going to put them in books, and I’ve done four books so far. I was also asked if I had considered an email subscription. It took me a while to find the technology that allowed for this, but here it is now! I also like the idea of having things available off-line as well. In case you, like me, are minimizing screen time whenever possible. So, I have three options at two frequencies for each of the Artful Adventures. You can choose daily or weekly frequencies, and receive the image and the prayer via email or postal mail. I also have an option to receive all of the prints should you wish to have the pieces around you as a reminder throughout the day. Read on to find out more.

artful prayers journal

Daily or Weekly Inspirations Delivered Your Way

Peace for Today, Hope for Tomorrow: Each delivery is a moment of peace, a breath of hope. In these times of uncertainty, find solace in prayers that produce peace with power and artwork that resonates with the frequency of heaven.

Be Part of Something Larger: You’re not alone on this journey. Join a community of like-minded individuals who agree in prayer to transform nations and the world. Together, let’s usher in positive, productive prayers for peace and transformation.

Change Your Heart, Your Life, and Beyond: With Artful Adventures, watch as your prayers change you, your family, your community, and even the world. Agree in prayer with others and pray with an open heart of love and hope.

Hope and Change: Release love, hope, and peace into your life and the lives around you. Experience the joy of positive focus and the courage and wisdom to act. Let the beauty of original art elevate your mood, call forth the good, and serve as a daily reminder of your commitment to peace and transformation.

These are such a beautiful blessing! Thank you so much!
Thank you. So far, they've all been for me. Especially today ♡♡♡ although I think I felt that way about the last one too
Thanks again Alice, these are beautiful prayers.
Alice, you are amazing. I love the way you combine visual & verbal prayer.
I needed this! I Love it!! Thank you! Beautiful!!

The Art of Reflection: A Personal Retreat

Artful Adventures empowers you to take an active role in improving your lives and communities through several key avenues:

Focused Prayer Initiatives: By engaging in specific, targeted prayers, you actively seek positive change for various aspects of your personal life, family, and wider communities. This focused intent can lead to actionable insights and the motivation to make tangible improvements.

Community Engagement: I encourage you form or join prayer groups, to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose. A community aspect not only strengthens individual resolve but also creates a network of support that can help you and your community make positive changes.

Art as a Catalyst for Change: The artwork provided isn’t just for contemplation but serves as a reminder and a motivator. It’s designed to inspire and uplift, encouraging you to seek beauty and goodness in your surroundings and to create positive change in your environment.

Non-Partisan and Ecumenical: By emphasizing ecumenical and non-partisan prayers, each adventure helps break down barriers and encourages a more understanding of and compassion for those around you. 


artful prayer adventure for USA states

Personal Growth and Transformation: As you engage with the prayers and artwork, you’re invited to reflect on your own life and actions. You’ll discover new aspects of prayer that you may not have thought about and enrich your prayer time.

Legacy Building: Consider the legacy you wish to leave your family and community. Artful Adventures motivates you to think long-term about the impact of your actions and the kind of world you’re leaving for the generations behind you.

Global Perspective with Local Action: While the prayers and themes may sometimes focus on global issues, the emphasis is on how you can make a difference locally. This approach empowers you to take actionable steps in your communities, contributing to a wider global impact.

By intertwining spirituality, art, and community, Artful Adventures offers you a multifaceted approach to personal and communal improvement, encouraging active participation in creating a more peaceful, hopeful, and loving world.

These visual & verbal prayers are like an ointment to our internal needy places. Thank you for letting Holy Spirit lead you into this. So helpful, so healing!
I receive this prayer & the effects of it. Also agree with this prayer for others.
Alice, the prayers, paintings, prayer-paintings are so powerful!!! Thank you for giving your time, treasure & talent to intercede in this way. I appreciate you so much.

Why Choose an Artful Adventure?

Unique Artistic Expression:

Each image is a work of heart and soul from Alice Arlene Briggs, designed to inspire and uplift.

Spiritual Depth:

Accompanying prayers are carefully crafted to resonate with the art and your spirit, providing a profound context for meditation and reflection.

Flexibility and Convenience:

Receive these spiritual art pieces according to your lifestyle, with options for daily or weekly delivery via email or postal mail.

A Gift of Peace:

In giving yourself or others this experience, you are also giving the gift of peace and contemplation, a rare treasure in today’s world.

A Community of Prayer:

Choose an adventure of prayer and know that you are not alone. You are joining a worldwide community of people who are also praying.

I love the simplicity of these but love the powerful meaning!
Yes Lord! Amen!!! These prayers are so helpful and hopeful especially this time of year with family.
That’s awesome. I feel that the timing of this is right on & very prophetic. I don’t know why. Excellent!!!
This is a good targeted prayer! Thank you, sis!
Thank you, these are reaching deep.
artful prayers USA pray for 50 states

Artful Adventure of Prayer for 50 States

Pray for peace over the USA, one state at a time.

Artful Adventure to Epiphany

Be open to epiphanies all year long.

artful adventure prayers for and to epiphany
artful prayer for israel artful journey and adventure

Artful Adventure for Israel

Pray for the peace of Israel now and always.

Artful Adventure - the Original

Intercede for Yourself, Your Friends, Family, City, State, Nation, and the Earth.

artful prayers journey intercession

Experience the journey where art meets body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit

and every day is a beautiful contemplation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Artful Adventures?

Artful Adventures are unique experiences that combines the power of prayer and the beauty of art to inspire individuals to transform their lives and communities. Through daily or weekly emails or physical mail, participants receive original artwork and ecumenical prayers focused on various themes of peace, hope, and transformation.

Are these original art pieces?

Yes, every piece was created by Alice Arlene Briggs. Some are mixed media, and some are digitally painted. All are painted by hand.

Why Ecumenical?

I’ve attended many different churches. Often, I notice that people tend to focus on the differences in the outward appearances of worship, rather than what unites us. Every group of people tends to develop their own language and style. And, not all groups agree on the meaning of some theological concepts. I distilled the prayers down into simple language that I believe most, if not all, can agree on. In these times of division, unity is a powerful tool. 

Are these political?

If by political, you mean am I pushing for one political party or another to win? Absolutely not. I’m constantly reminded of Joshua when he asked the angel of the Lord, “Are you for us or for our enemies?” The angel of the Lord’s answer was, “Neither.” These prayers seek to have God’s will and truth be known and manifest in the earth. In that way, they will have a political outcome, in that they will affect society and its governance, but I have a suspicion that it might look different than any of us can imagine. Whatever the best is, that’s what I believe God knows and wants as well, so I’m praying in alignment with and for that best.

How can I share my experiences with the Adventures?

We love to hear from participants on the adventures! Please hit reply to any email or tag us on social media @alicearleneb.

What if I'm new to prayer or don't pray regularly?

Artful Adventures is suited for everyone, regardless of their experience with prayer. Each prayer can help beginners start their journey and offer a fresh perspective to those who pray regularly.

How does Artful Adventures work?

Once you sign up, you will receive regular digital or physical deliveries of original artwork along with powerful, focused prayers. These are designed to guide you in your personal reflection providing a structured yet flexible way to incorporate prayer and contemplation into your daily life. 

  • Emails are delivered either daily or weekly.
  • Letters are mailed weekly singly or in packets of 7.
  • Prints are mailed weekly singly or in packets of 7.

You talk about peace, but also action, how does that work?

It’s human nature to swing from one extreme to another, and to believe that things are mutually exclusive when they are not. Peace and action are two of these. We so often tend to think of peace as being the guru on the top of a mountain, away from it all and quiet. We tend to think of action being lots of movement and activity, possibly excessively so. I believe that the truth lies in the middle. We are to be active while remaining at peace. To be at peace inside as we move about the world doing good and living our lives. Peaceful action – ad Christ exemplified during his earthly ministry. He accomplished a lot, went lots of places and did a lot of things, but he was at peace. 

How does the artwork contribute to the experience?

Each piece of art is thoughtfully created to complement the prayer themes and serve as a visual reminder of your journey. Artwork can elevate mood, provide inspiration, and serve as a focal point during contemplation or group discussions.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

These adventures are not subscription based at this time, they are a single purchase with varying delivery rates. You can review most of the artwork and prayers publicly, and decide before your purchase if they will be a blessing to you. Once purchased, all materials are purchased and prepared, so no refunds are available.

My prayer group would like to do this together. Are there group discounts?

We encourage you to form groups of like-minded people and join together to pray. Power and effectiveness of prayer is amplified when you are agreeing with others. Group discounts start at 5 participants. Please contact us with your needs, and we’ll get you set up.

Can I choose between digital and physical deliveries?

Yes, Artful Adventures offers both email (digital) and physical mail options. You can select your preference when you sign up, depending on whether you enjoy the convenience of digital access or the tangible experience of physical items.

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