Intro to Mixed Media (5 Sessions)  Free!

Art Creation Tutorial:

In 6 short sessions, I can walk you through the creation of one of the pieces below, start to finish!  If you enjoyed my Intro to Mixed Media Class but still aren’t sure what to do next or where to go from here, these are for you!  No experience is required for any of these classes.  I will take you step by step and show you exactly how I completed each piece, and how you can create one very similar to it as well.  Sessions will be uploaded nightly or you can wait until the end and complete the piece in one evening if you prefer.  Grab a snack and a beverage of choice and get ready for a fun time!  You can purchase a starter art kit here, if you don’t have your own stash yet.  Click on the title to purchase access to the videos.  Classes will not be available indefinitely, so don’t delay in registering and completing your piece!

Part of the fun of the live classes was getting together with friends new and old, and seeing what others created during the class.  The gaps in between sessions are for dry times, so you can get together for an afternoon or evening with friends and all work together.  Bring snacks and your favorite beverages and chat while you watch paint dry!  (A hair dryer helps to speed the drying process up.)  Most people had no trouble completing the pieces within 2-3 hours when I did the classes live.  Each participant registering separately, please, or Contact Me for information on group discounts.

Taste & Paste: Tree (6 Sessions)  $25

Classes Mixed Media Painting How to Paint Mixed Media Tree

*Archived – Please allow 1-2 weeks to restore the files after purchase.

Taste & Paste: Window 1 (6 Sessions)  $25

How to Paint Mixed Media Arched Window Classes for Beginners

A PDF template/pattern for the window will be provided for you to use, if desired.

*Archived – Please allow 1-2 weeks to restore the files after purchase.

Taste & Paste: Photo Op (6 Sessions)  $25

How to Create Mixed Media Painting with a Photo Beginner and Intermediate Classes

You may use your own photo, or this one of mine will be available for download for you to print and use.

*Archived – Please allow 1-2 weeks to restore the files after purchase.

Suggested Supplies

Supply List Online Intro Class

I’ve compiled some of the supplies into my Amazon Store for your convenience.