In this class, I cover the basics of the techniques for preparing your surface, applying paint, stamping, and collage.  I now have collage materials packs in my store so you can have a variety of items without the hassle of rounding them up, or the problem of storing the excess (it can rather take over if you’re not careful!).

You can also watch the videos on my YouTube channel here.

Session 1:

Note: I now use birch ply almost exclusively, and it works fabulously. Also, I didn’t say in the video, but do wait for the gesso to dry completely before sanding.

Session 2:

Session 3:

Session 4:

Session 5:

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Did you have fun getting started?  Want a more structured class to get you going?  I now have my “Taste & Paste” classes available online.  In 6 short sessions I can walk you through the creation of a piece from start to finish for only $25.  More information on the pieces/classes available currently are on the Classes page.