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You can thrive no matter what challenges you face.

Need more peace and comfort in these crazy times? Join me for 5 days of creating artistic and/or colorful affirmation cards you can then display and be encouraged by no matter what happens in your life. Using whatever materials you have on hand, you can create meaningful pieces to bring healing and hope to your home – no artistic skills required. The cards will remind you of the affirmations you crafted every time you see them.

But I’m not an artist! Not to worry! There will be a downloadable template that you can print off and write on or color if you prefer. I’ll show you several ways to do these simply, so you can succeed at every artistic level.

This is for you if . . .

Register Now And Join The Challenge. We'll Have:

Daily Lessons

Strategies and ideas for creating affirmations that will bless each aspect of you: mind, soul, heart, spirit, and body!

With downloadable quick start template cards.

Live creation sessions

Create along side Alice each day live on zoom 1:00pm Central US time. I’ll be demonstrating different methods each day.

Replays available for those who can’t make them live.

A supportive community

Post your daily work and celebrate with others in private groups on Facebook and/or MeWe.

The schedule:

So Why Are We Focusing On Ourselves When The World Is Such A Mess?

If you’ve flown, you’ll remember the steward or stewardess in their opening spiel, tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting other passengers. The reason is, that you can not help anyone else if you are incapacitated. It isn’t to delay the assistance, it’s to ensure you are capable of doing so.

In the same way, the more healthy and whole you are and become, the better you are able to pray for and help those around you. 

In Acts 1:8, Jesus told his disciples that they would be his witnesses in Jerusalem (where they were), then Judea and Samaria (still their area but further out), and then to the ends of the world. Again, from close to further out. Not because one area is more important to God, but because we have a greater influence where we are from than further afield.

I want to see you strengthened and encouraged, so you can strengthen and encourage those around you. If we all do likewise, what a change that would bring to the earth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this with my children?

Yes! That would be awesome! You can use whatever supplies you have on hand or your child wants to use.

How long will this take?

About 15-20 minutes per day for the lesson. You can spend as much time as you like on the affirmation cards.

Do I need to buy special supplies?

Not at all. Use whatever you have on hand. Notebook paper and colored pencils or crayons or even just a pencil or pen will work just fine! You can also use collage materials if you like.

Do I have to share my work?

Not if you don't want to. Do what makes you comfortable. Sharing with others is a great way to be a part of an encouraging community, but it is certainly not required.

I'm not an artist, can I still join?

Absolutely! You are made in the image of the Creator, so you are creative enough to do this. I've created templates that you can use if you prefer.

Do you do these every day?

Most days, I've been finding it very helpful to do these as prayers for myself and others. You can see many of these on IG with #ArtfulPrayers

Will there be replays of the lessons?

Yes! You'll have access to all the materials until February 8. I'll upload the zoom lessons as soon as possible, generally later that day.

Is this really free?

Yes. The Challenge is 100% free! I do have a paid class that I'll tell you about later, but there's no pressure for you to join.


Alice has been using her creativity to bring health and healing to herself and those around her for many years. Her work is hung in homes internationally and she has taught many classes locally and online. God gave her a strategy for how to pray for situations in her own life and nation and she will be sharing part of that with you in this 5 day challenge. 

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