Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Giclée?

A Giclée (zhee-clay) describes the reproduction method used to create these fine art prints. This method is the most effective for reproducing color and demonstrates improved longevity of the piece. It is a French word meaning sprayed ink. All of my gicleés are numbered and offered in limited editions.

Do you provide certificates of authenticity?

Yes, a certificate of authenticity is provided with the purchase of a gicleé or an original to establish provenance and authenticity.

Why are some of your pieces not framed?

Framing choices are very individual and dependent on the decor in your home. This allows you to not be charged for a frame that will not work for you. Alice primarily works within standard frame sizes, so that it is possible to purchase a ready-made frame. For shipping purposes, this also eliminates much of the weight and size. If you prefer to have me frame the piece for you, please contact me to discuss if this is possible, and the appropriate fees.

Do you offer discounts?

No, I do not. I feel that this is not fair to people who have purchased my work previously. Pieces are priced by their size, so that all pieces of the same size are priced the same.

How does an event painting work?

The process is generally as follows: You, or your representative, contacts me expressing interest in having me paint at your event. We discuss what you are thinking and decide together if this is a good fit for both of us. If my work is not what you are wanting, and I know of someone whose work is, I will make that referral. I have a somewhat varied range of subject matter, but I will not deviate from my typical style to include multiple portraits, for example. That would probably not end well for either of us! If you are comfortable with my style, we will discuss scheduling, budget, and any documents that you might wish to include in the piece. Do be aware that the document may not be visible in the completed piece. Once we have decided on the size of the piece, a deposit of 50% of the cost of the piece, and the booking fee (varies depending on the type of event, length, etc.) will be required. I only accept a limited number of these commissions per year, so neither of these is refundable should you cancel. Depending on my schedule, a different date might be possible for me, or the piece could be converted to a Legacy of Love piece of the same size. The greater the time prior to the original event date, the more flexibility I might have. Documents for inclusion in the piece must be submitted to me at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.

How does a commissioned piece work?

I meet with you to talk about your desires for the piece, and to see which of my pieces appeals to you the most. We discuss who the piece is for, if there is a special occasion, and other pertinent information. One version of this type of piece is to leave it entirely in my hands, and I will listen to Creator’s voice while I paint and then communicate that word to you both visually in the piece, and through a written or recorded statement of meaning. Another version is if you desire to express your love for someone else, perhaps a groom wishes to have an everlasting expression of his love for his bride unveiled on their wedding day for example. Or, parents for their child as the child embarks on the adventure of college, or a new job, or a promotion. Perhaps you wish to express your appreciation of a job well done to those who have worked with you on a large project, or your employees who have enabled your business to be all that it could be. Perhaps you, as a realtor wish to commemorate a significant home purchase for a special client. The options are endless. In a case where the piece is for a group of people, we can also discuss reproductions so that all have access to that tangible expression of appreciation.

What does all rights reserved mean?

Alice and Alice Arlene, Ltd. Co. reserve all the rights to the intellectual property of Alice’s artwork. Only prints and reproductions provided by Alice Arlene, Ltd. Co. are valid. Alice’s work can be licensed for reproduction for specific purposes and a limited duration and must be outlined in a contract. Even if you have commissioned an original piece of art, you do not have the rights to its image. You have the right to own and hang the piece as you see fit, but all reproductions must come through Alice Arlene, Ltd. Co., or by arrangement through a licensing agreement. Any other reproduction is theft, and is in clear violation of U.S. and international copyright laws and can and will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.