Graphic Design

My adventures in graphic design. If you are in need of graphic design work, please contact me.

Identity Annals of Cether

Mixed media painting digitally altered. Available on Amazon. Click the cover to take you there!

Access Your Spiritual Inheritance Book Cover Design

Digital manipulation of a physical painting. Available at Amazon, click on the cover.

Staged photo and mock-up for book promo.

Business Card Design Graphic Design Custom Build

This is a logo I designed and then built the business card. Click on the card, and it will take you to her site.

Custom Designed Business Card Hand-drawn Artwork

The front of a recent business card design and logo build.  On the back are her personal details.

Graphic Design Custom Photo Book Cover Design

Another fun project! A compilation of stock photo as well as a modeled shot. Click on the book to check it out on Amazon.

Rose Rock Custom Book Cover Design Hand Painted Artwork Digital Artwork

This cover involved more of my painting talents to capture the vision of the author.  It was a fun experience for a fabulous book! Read more about that in my blog. This book is now available on Amazon.  Click the book and it should take you there.

Book Cover Design Custom Photography Friendly Conversation

This was a fun project. I was not able to find a suitable photo, so I created a vingette, and photographed it myself before digitally editing it. I wanted to convey the book’s tone of a friendly, intelligent conversation between people who love each other and yet disagree. The book is now available at Amazon. Click the book image and it will take you there.

Book Cover Design Work Self-Published Author

I completed these covers for Katherine Walden from images she found online.

You can purchase Seasons at Amazon

Self Published Book Cover Design Create Space and Kindle Covers Custom Built

Dare to Call Him Friend can also be purchased on Amazon


Questions?  Interested in having me design something for you?  Contact Me for more information.

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