peace in the storm virtual art show abstract artwork

A Virtual Art Show

Bring peace to your home and loved ones

through the artwork of Alice Arlene Briggs

and the music of Paul Noble

and Linette Penney-Gainham & Cadence. 

Saturday & Sunday

August 22-23, 2020



Hello! Welcome to “Peace in the Storm: An Art Experience”.

So many people have commented on my work that it brought them so much peace, that it is my delight to present this show as my gift to you to bring peace into your home during the crazy time we’re all in.

Enjoy a free virtual art show from the comfort of your home. Experience one of a kind pieces designed to sooth and comfort while listening to a curated music stream to accentuate your experience.

Traditional Gallery Experience

Virtual Art Experience

My gifts to you

An entry to win a door prize including:

3 Hardback books

Embracing the Colors of Peace 


Co-Creation: Partnering with God


Peace in the Storm (all the pieces from the show!)

By Alice Arlene Briggs

Prophetic art spiritual paintings journey intuitive artworkProphetic art spiritual paintings journey intuitive artwork


Free paperback copy of Embracing the Colors of Peace for the first 20 people who make a purchase of any size.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is it?

The full show is 43 minutes long, but I’ve also broken it into 6 sections that you can watch individually based on the length of the songs.

What does it look like?

If you’ve ever taken an online course, that’s kind of what it will be like. You’ll log in and then choose which video you want to watch. I’ll also be available live with you throughout the weekend.

Does it cost anything?

No! This is my free gift to you. The only thing you’ll need to provide is your email address so I can give you the links and let you know when I’ll be live, etc.

What time is it?

It will be available for you to watch at your leisure for the full duration of the time. From 10:00 pm CDT Friday through 10:00 am CDT Monday. Watch as much and as often as you like!

Will you be available?

Yes! I’ll be available live with you several times throughout the weekend to answer questions or just to chat! I’ll be sending you emails letting you know the exact times.

How do I qualify for a door prize?

You register for the show, and sign in! That’s it! I’ll be using a random number generator and will contact you for your mailing address if you are chosen.

Some shows have exclusive pre-opening parties – I’m also offering a virtual version

The VIP Experience provides you with the following benefits:

The VIP Experience closes in:

Register for the VIP Experience Now!

You’ll need to also confirm your subscription to the mailing list for the show, so I can send you all the info and the links to get in regardless of which option you choose… With GDPR, etc., all my i’s must be dotted and t’s crossed! 

Or Register for the free show

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