Personal Prophecy PaintingChoose your size and I will create a personal prophecy painting using my unique multi-layered, mixed media technique just for you. I will listen for Creator’s voice during the creation of the piece, and write down all that He says for you. I will include this personal message from the Creator to you on a separate paper so that you can have access to it even after the piece is framed, should you choose to frame it. The pieces will be painted on board, and will not need to be framed behind glass unless that is your preference. The sizes are common frame sizes, so it should be easy for you to find a frame that suits your piece. Although, the board is stiff enough to be propped up on a shelf as is. These make excellent gifts for any occasion.  (contact me for other sizes than are listed below)

I’m also working with my friend Del at to offer you the unique opportunity to have both a personal instrumental prophetic song and an art piece created while listening to that song and to Creator. To our knowledge, this is the only partnership of its kind. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to place an order with each of us separately. Place your order for the song on Del’s site, and mention that you are wanting an art piece as well. Place your order here, on my site, for the size of piece that you would like, and tell me in the comment box that you are wanting the piece with the song from Del. That way, I will know to wait for the mp3 before beginning your piece. Once I receive the mp3 (see her site, or contact her for her current turn-around time), I will listen to the song while I work on your piece. I will still make note of what Creator speaks to me, and you will receive a prophetic reading with your piece as usual, and then send the painting on to you.*

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Prophetic Painting

Comments from recipients:

After nearly a year of owning the piece: The painting you did for me, along with the words were such a great gift! I love to pull out the words every few weeks and ponder over them and see what has “changed” since last reading them and quite often it’s like pieces of a puzzle shift closer together making a much clearer picture, if that makes sense.  I also love gaze at the painting once I’ve reread the words. It too adds to more clarity. – GW

“I’m pretty much speechless at the incredible depth, both in the written prophetic word as well as the parallel visionary imagery. Will have to make sure it is spoken daily…receiving and believing! Wow, you have an amazing gift Alice!” ~SE


Prophectic Painting from Creator

“I RECEIVE the message. Thank you Lord for speaking through Alice and her art. Very creative and lovely.” ~DJ

“The word was perfect.  Thank you!” ~VZ

“The image spoke directly to my situation and the conversations that I’ve been having with God.  Thank you for

the confirmation.” ~HG


Intuitive Painting with the Spirit“Alice I’m stunned and amazed. This is so beautiful, every inch of it, and the words…..I’m undone.” ~GW

“This piece spoke perfectly to my situation.  Thank you for the encouragement.” ~JC

“I feel that an angel arrived at my house with the piece.” ~DM

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*If you would like prints made of your piece, please let me know and I can get you prices for those. I retain the rights to these art pieces, and may produce prints if I feel that the piece has a more general message to the world at large. If you’ve been around the prophetic community, you will have heard people talking about “taking” prophecies that were spoken over someone else if you feel that they pertain to you. This is in that same arena. Your personal details will not be shared, just the general meaning of the piece. The prophetic word that comes with the piece is unique to you, and will not be reproduced. If you would like to use your prophetic piece as a book cover or in marketing materials for your business, or something else; contact me, and we can discuss licensing of the piece for whatever purpose you desire.

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