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Start 5779 and 2019 Right

Just for you

Shift your atmosphere

Edifying, Comforting, Encouraging

Transition into the new, leave the old behind

Keys for your future

Commissioned Painting windows written on
Key Door Embellished Custom artwork Mixed media
Scrolls Abstract Personalized Celebrate Significance Mixed Media Artwork

Prices start at $49.99 for a limited time.

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Perfect Gift Commissioned Painting
custom celebrate significance
Hope Angel Prophetic Art Prophetic Painting Prayer

Prefer a Subscription?

Love to get a new surprise every month?! I create prophetic art pieces every month and send you an 8×10 print (or 8×8 if it’s square) with the meaning of the piece. Hang the print in your space and allow it to shift your atmosphere and transition into the new month by month! How fun, right? And, many find it a powerful help to keep in step with what God is doing. You can find out more here

Get a 5×7 personal prophetic painting for about 50% off with an annual subscription.