The Bringers of Gifts - The Gathering - Tacoma, WA 2017 - Alice Arlene
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The Bringers of Gifts – The Gathering – Tacoma, WA 2017




This monochromatic piece brings an element of peaceful anticipation into your space. Rich texture compliments this muted color palette with subtle elegance.

The Bringers of Gifts – Original 36×36 acrylic on board.

I had these plaid like bands of color on this piece, that for some reason was all blue. Even the touch of green I tried to include didn’t stay very green. And then, as the figures revealed themselves, I realized that the boxes were gifts. I felt that the figures were in an attitude of waiting…that they were waiting on us to arrive at a point of acceptance so that we could receive the gifts. There are 7 figures that I painted, but as I look at the piece, I can see hints of a few more!

The Bringers of Gifts –

Watch for adventures. Follow the path set before you. Those who bring the gifts are waiting for your arrival.

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