Thank you so much for your purchase of a prophetic print subscription. Prints will be shipped out during the first week of each month to those whose subscriptions have been paid in full. Feel free to cancel at any time, but I hope that you will be so blessed by the work that you will never want to!

For annual subscribers, please let me know your birthdate (month and day) so that I can get you your personal birthday painting! Or if you want it now, or for another special date, let me know that as well. Contact me here.

Your subscription will automatically renew on the date that you subscribed, so be sure and cancel before that if you choose.

Some of you may wish to frame the pieces. You can swap them out of one frame, or if you would like to have a statement wall, it is very effective to have them arranged in a grid, or other gallery wall formation. 11×14 frames with mats for an 8×10 opening are the perfect size, although a larger frame can also be good if you have the space. I have collected a few frames which should be appropriate for this in my Amazon aStore for your convenience.* But do feel free to purchase where ever you prefer.

I pray that this subscription blesses you!


*This is an affiliate link. I receive a small percent of the purchase made through using this link with no additional cost to you.