As I was starting to do these pieces, I did them in part in order to fight against the confusion and chaos all around us. Especially for the political situation in the US, but also all the craziness all over the world. My friend and mentor, Matt Tommey, calls us an army of artists and the thought rose up in me: This is how I fight. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:4). The nearly daily practice of these pieces has given me space to keep my peace and focus on my place in the world and the battle for truth, justice, mercy, hope, and love. I hope they encourage you as well. If you create pieces, I would love to see them! Use #ArtfulPrayers

prayers for the soul of an individual

I pray for the soul of each person I know and others who see or read this piece and prayer. I pray their souls would be healed and whole and that their emotions would settle and be at peace. I pray the light of love would shine in all the dark places and bring healing and truth. I pray they would realize the wonderful treasure they were created to be and now are to the world around them. I pray for a revelation of Creator’s love and concern for each to overwhelm them and reveal any lies they believe. Heal the hurts in their souls and fill them with peace. Let hope, love, and joy arise within them and may they be blessed even as they are a blessing.

friends and family

I pray for the souls of the family and friends of those I know and others who see or read this piece and prayer. I pray their souls would be healed and whole. I pray all negativity around them would be released and no longer pierce their souls with its sharp shards. I pray those wounds would be healed and peace, love, hope, and joy would fill all those places. I pray love and hope would replace fear. I pray peace and joy would replace anger. I pray understanding and compassion would replace hate and judgment. I pray truth would replace all lies. I ask for a revolutionary love to overtake all relationships and for solid common ground on which to rebuild strong towers of community. May each person lovingly support and encourage those closest to them, and may they find the same in return. Translate words and deeds to bring better understanding and even greater healing. May souls be knit together healthily as a firm foundation from which to release healing to the world.

prayers for soul of friends and family
prayers for the souls of cities

I pray for the souls of the cities and local communities of those I know and others who see or read this piece and prayer. I pray their souls would be made whole and all negativity and dark emotions would be released and hope and joy enter, transforming their souls and communities with the light and love of hope and truth. I pray each community would come together as a wonderfully diverse and united whole. As they celebrate diversity, they add strength and beauty to the whole. I pray each person and each community would light up their area and other communities would see the light and like candles on Christmas Eve, they would light up as well, until the whole area and nation and world lights up in peace and harmony. Not that they all sing the same notes, but that all notes are blended in a perfect harmony of hope and joy. I pray that each one would give their best gift to those around them and to the world.


I pray for the soul of the states of those I know and of all who see or read this piece and prayer. I pray any darkness threatening to take over the area would be overcome by the light of hope and truth shining forth. I pray chaos would be stilled and those seeking to disrupt the just management of the land would be found out and dealt with. I pray those who are manipulating people and processes for their own ends and contrary to the will of the people would be discovered and justice would be served swiftly. I pray eyes would be open to the truth and the truth would set each one free. I pray deeds done in darkness would be found out and light would shine forth into every area of life and government. I pray truth, justice, and right-ness would be found everywhere so the state could fulfill its destiny and the destiny of all who live within it.

prayers for the soul of states
prayers for the soul of nations


I pray for the soul of the nation of those I know and of all who see or read this piece and prayer. I pray it would be mended and all wounding from the beginning until now would be healed and wholeness restored. I pray all trauma embedded in the nation would be healed and released so this trigger would no longer be there. I pray they would gain wisdom from all difficulties of the past so the nation would emerge stronger than ever. I pray any negativity would be washed from the land and peace, hope, and joy would resonate in every place. I pray truth would be revealed and any plans or plots to disrupt or destroy the nation would be revealed and disrupted. I pray all those who reside in this nation would be healed and whole and individually and corporately, destinies would be fulfilled. I pray when the nation is healed, it would become a force for healing and wholeness throughout the Earth and a blessing for all.


I pray for the soul of the Earth and for everything and everyone on it. I pray emotions would settle. I pray it would release negative emotions in a healthy manner so healing could come to the Earth and all who are on it. I pray trauma caused intentionally and unintentionally would be healed and released and forgiveness would flow freely. I pray wrongs would be righted and all aspects of the Earth and that which inhabits it are respected and released into their rightful place and purpose. I pray all the people who live on the Earth now or in the future would draw from her blessings and would bless her in return. I pray their wounds would be healed and they would be released into the fullness of who they were created to be. I pray hate and bitterness would be released and love and forgiveness would prevail so cycles of trauma and oppression would no longer be repeated or found in the Earth. I pray each person, place, and thing in and on the Earth would be free to be all they were created to be and be a blessing to all the rest of the people, places, and things in and on the Earth.

prayers for the soul of the earth

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